Removed and deprecated items for Configuration Manager

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

This article describes how to use the information about features, products, and operating systems that are removed from support for Configuration Manager. Items that are deprecated will be removed in a future update. These articles provide early notice about future changes that might affect your use of Configuration Manager.

This information is subject to change with future releases, and might not include each deprecated feature, product, or OS.

How to use this information

When a feature, product, or OS is first listed as deprecated, support for using it with Configuration Manager is scheduled to be removed in a future update. This information is provided to help you plan for alternatives to using that feature, product, or OS. When the first version of Configuration Manager releases in which that support is removed, this article is updated to indicate that specific version.


Unless noted otherwise, a feature, product, or OS that's deprecated in Configuration Manager typically continues to be fully supported, available, and usable.

When support is removed for a feature or OS, the feature or OS remains supported when you use a previous version of Configuration Manager, as long as that version of Configuration Manager remains in support. However, when you use a version of Configuration Manager released after the date or version indicated, that version of Configuration Manager doesn't provide support.

For example, if a feature was scheduled to have its support removed with the first update released after September 2019, support for that feature would no longer be included in update 1910, which released in November of 2019.

  • With Update 1910, the feature is no longer supported.
  • The article is updated to indicate support was removed with version 1910.

However, if you continue to use an earlier version that supports the feature, like version 1906, you can continue to use that feature until the version you use drops out of support.

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Items that are removed or deprecated are split between three categories: