What's new in Configuration Manager incremental versions

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

Configuration Manager uses an in-console updates and servicing process. This update process makes it easy to discover and install Configuration Manager updates. There are no more service packs or cumulative update versions to track and install. You don't have to search for the download of the most recent release or updates.

To update the product to a new version of the current branch, use the Configuration Manager console install then. A few times each year, Microsoft releases new versions that include product updates. Each version also introduces new features. When you install an update with new features, you can choose to use those features. For more information, see Prepare to install in-console updates for Configuration Manager.

Different update versions are identified by year and month. For example, version 1511 identifies November 2015 (the month when Configuration Manager current branch was first released to manufacturing). Later updates have version names like 2107, which indicates an update that was created in July 2021. These update versions are key to understanding the incremental version of your Configuration Manager installation, and what features are available to enable in your environment.

Supported versions

Use the following links to discover what's new with each supported version:

Each update version remains in support for 18 months from its initial availability date. Stay current with the most recent update version. For more information, see Support for Configuration Manager current branch versions.

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