Manage content and content infrastructure for Configuration Manager

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

When you are ready to set up and then manage your content management infrastructure for Configuration Manager, use the information in the following topics:

  • Install and configure distribution points for Configuration Manager. Before you can deploy content, you must install and set up distribution points. Then you can set up distribution point groups to help simplify management of content across your infrastructure. The information in this topic can help you complete these tasks, and details the deep and varied settings supported by individual distribution points.

  • Deploy and manage content for Configuration Manager. Content deployment transfers files and software to distribution point servers throughout your network. In addition to a simple transfer, you can prestage content, which is a method that can help you avoid excessive use of network bandwidth. The information in this topic can help you with the basic tasks of sending that content or using pre-staged content effectively.

  • Monitor content you have distributed with Configuration Manager. As you deploy content, you can monitor its status across your infrastructure. You can also redistribute content that fails to reach distribution points, or cancel distributions that remain in progress. The information in this topic helps you understand how to monitor your content, including how to fix some problems when the transfer of content fails.