Use the Setup Wizard to install Configuration Manager sites

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

To install a new Configuration Manager site by using a guided user interface, use the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard (setup.exe). The wizard supports installing a primary site or central administration site (CAS). You also use the wizard to upgrade an evaluation installation of Configuration Manager to a fully licensed installation. When you don't want to use the wizard, you can instead use an installation script and run an unattended command-line installation.

Install a secondary site from within the Configuration Manager console. Secondary sites don't support a scripted command-line installation.

Before you install a site, be familiar with the details in the following articles:


If you need assistance with site installation, see the Support options and community resources. For example, the Microsoft Q&A forum for Configuration Manager site and client deployment.

When you're ready to get started, see the following articles for the specific processes:

Use the setup wizard to install a central administration or primary site

Use the setup wizard to install a secondary site