Settings to manage high-risk deployments for Configuration Manager

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

With Configuration Manager, you can configure deployment verification site settings. These settings warn administrators if they create a high-risk task sequence deployment. A high-risk deployment is:

  • A deployment that's automatically installed

  • Has the potential to cause unwanted results

For example, a task sequence with a purpose of Required that deploys an operating system is considered high-risk.


If you use PXE deployments, and configure device hardware with the network adapter as the first boot device, these devices can automatically start an OS deployment task sequence without user interaction. Deployment verification doesn't manage this configuration. While this configuration may simplify the process and reduce user interaction, it puts the device at greater risk for accidental reimage.

Deployment verification settings

To reduce the risk of an unwanted high-risk deployment, you can configure size limits in these deployment verification settings:

  • Collection size limits: When you create a deployment, hide collections that include more clients than your limit.

    • Default size: When you create a deployment, this setting hides collections by default that include more clients than this limit. You can still see these collections when creating the deployment, but they're hidden by default. The default value is 100. To ignore this setting, enter a value of 0.

    • Maximum size: When you create a deployment, this setting always hides collections with more clients than this limit. The default value is 0, which ignores this setting. The Maximum size value must be greater than the Default size value.

      For example, you set Default size to 100 and the Maximum size to 1000. When you create a high-risk deployment, the Select Collection window only displays collections that include fewer than 100 clients. If you clear the setting to Hide collections with a member count greater than the site's minimum size configuration, the window displays collections that include fewer than 1000 clients.

  • Collections with site system servers: When the target collection includes a computer with a site system role, block deployments or require verification before creating the deployment. When a deployment is blocked, select a different collection that meets the deployment verification criteria to continue creating the deployment.


High-risk deployments are always limited to custom collections, collections that you create, and the built-in Unknown Computers collection. When you create a high-risk deployment, you can't select a built-in collection such as All Systems.

Configure deployment verification

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, select Sites, and then select the primary site to configure.

  2. In the ribbon, select Properties, and then switch to the Deployment Verification tab.

  3. Configure the settings you want to use, and then select OK to save the configuration and close the properties.

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