Updates in Desktop Analytics

In the Desktop Analytics portal, view the status of feature updates. Select these nodes in the Monitor group of the Desktop Analytics main menu. These nodes give you insights into the status of these updates in your environment.


Desktop Analytics displays the feature update status for devices with the commercial ID associated with your Desktop Analytics workspace. This behavior happens whether or not you enrolled the devices with Configuration Manager. The number of total devices on these tiles may not match the number of enrolled devices in Connected Services.

Feature updates

To review the current status of feature updates, select Feature updates in the Monitor section of Desktop Analytics:

Feature updates node of Desktop Analytics

This view summarizes feature updates for devices that are running Windows 10.

For more information on service periods, see Windows lifecycle fact sheet.


Devices in the bar chart are categorized by the following labels:

In service

Devices are running the latest feature update for that version and channel.

Near end of service

Devices are running a feature update that's within 90 days of reaching end of service.

End of service

Devices are running a feature update that's past the end of service date. These dates are specific to Enterprise and Education editions of Windows. They don't apply to Home, Pro, Pro Education, or Pro for Workstations editions. For more information, see Windows lifecycle fact sheet.

Not measured

Desktop Analytics hasn't assessed the device. This state includes devices running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 devices registered for the Windows Insider Program.

Select the tile to see the adoption trends for feature updates. The stacked area chart categorizes devices by the feature update they've installed over time.

Next steps


Starting in March 2021, Desktop Analytics doesn't report on security updates. To monitor your devices' Windows updates and Microsoft Defender status, use Update Compliance.