Configuration Manager Schema SQL Views

In Configuration Manager, a number of schema information views are created to get information about the names of all the available views and the schema for the inventory and discovery classes. These are particularly useful for determining the names for custom inventory resource type (architecture) tables. The following table shows a list of these schema information views.

View Description Sample Query
v_SchemaViews Lists all the views in the view schema family. Select ViewName, Type from v_SchemaViews order by ViewName
v_ResourceMap Lists the resource type views. select * from v_ResourceMap
v_ResourceAttributeMap Lists attributes for each resource type. select * from v_ResourceAttributeMap
v_GroupMap Lists inventory groups for each inventory architecture. select * from v_GroupMap
v_GroupAttributeMap Lists attributes for each inventory group. select * from v_GroupAttributeMap
v_ReportViewSchema Parallel to the SMS_ReportViewSchema class, this view lists all the classes and properties. select * from v_ReportViewSchema

For more information about how the SQL views map to their WMI class equivalents, see Configuration Manager Schema View Mapping

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