Microsoft Deployment Toolkit frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This article provides frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). It assumes familiarity with MDT version concepts, features, and capabilities.

What's the MDT support life cycle?

Is this release only supported with version 'X' of Windows client, Windows ADK, or Configuration Manager?

We primarily tested this build of MDT with the configuration listed in the supported platforms list. Unless there are any explicit known issues, anything outside of the above configuration has a high probability of still working. Your mileage may vary as we haven't explicitly tested other combinations.


This answer also applies to Windows 11.

How do I get help with MDT?

Use one of the following methods to get help with MDT (in prioritized order):

  1. Post to the MDT forum. MVPs and others in the community watch and respond to posts there. This method is probably the most efficient way to get help.

  2. Contact Microsoft Support. Open a support case and get some professional help.

  3. If you can consistently reproduce an issue and think it's a product bug, file it in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub. The product team investigates everything that's reported. When filing feedback, use the Enterprise Management category and OS Deployment subcategory. This categorization helps classify and route your feedback to the MDT team.