Deploy resource access profiles in Configuration Manager

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)


Starting in version 2203, this company resource access feature is no longer supported. For more information, see Frequently asked questions about resource access deprecation.

After you create one of the following resource access profiles, deploy it to one or more collections:

When you deploy these profiles, you specify the target collection, and specify how often the client evaluates the profile for compliance.

Deploy a profile

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Assets and Compliance workspace. Expand Compliance Settings, expand Company Resource Access, and then choose the appropriate profile node. For example, Wi-Fi Profiles.

  2. In the list of profiles, select the profile that you want to deploy. Then in the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Deployment group, select Deploy.

  3. In the deploy profile window, specify the following information:

    • Collection: Select the collection where you want to deploy the profile.

    • Generate an alert: Enable this option to configure an alert. The site generates this alert if the profile compliance is less than the specified percentage by the specified date and time. You can also select whether you want an alert to be sent to System Center Operations Manager.

    • Random delay (hours): For certificate profiles that contain Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) settings, specify a delay window to avoid excessive processing on the Network Device Enrollment Service (NDES). The default value is 64 hours.

    • Specify the compliance evaluation schedule for this...profile: Specify how often the client evaluates compliance for this profile. Select a Simple schedule or configure a Custom schedule. By default, the simple schedule is every 12 hours.

  4. Select OK to close the window and create the deployment.

Delete a deployment

If you want to delete a deployment, select it from the list. In the details pane, switch to the Deployments tab. Select the deployment, and then in the Deployment tab of the ribbon, select Delete.


When you remove a VPN profile deployment, Configuration Manager doesn't remove the VPN profile from Windows. If you want to remove the profile from devices, manually remove it.

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