Configure Google Chrome for Android devices using Intune

You can use an Intune app configuration policy to configure Google Chrome for Android devices. The settings for the app can be automatically applied. For example, you can specifically set the bookmarks and the URLs that you would like to block or allow.


Add the Google Chrome app to Intune

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center.

  2. Select Apps > All apps > Add then add the Managed Google Play app.

  3. Go to Managed Google Play, search with Google Chrome and approve.

    Search and approve Google Chrome

  4. Assign Google Chrome to a group as a required app type. Google Chrome will be deployed automatically when the device is enrolled into Intune.

For additional details about adding a Managed Google Play app to Intune, see Managed Google Play store apps.

Add app configuration for managed AE devices

  1. From the Microsoft Intune admin center, select Apps > App configuration policies > Add > Managed devices.

  2. Set the following details:

    • Name - The name of the profile that appears in the portal.
    • Description - The description of the profile that appears in the portal.
    • Device enrollment type - This setting is set to Managed devices.
    • Platform - Select Android.

    Add Google Chrome Configuration policy

  3. Click Associated app to display the Associated app pane. Find and select Google Chrome. This list contains Managed Google Play apps that you've approved and synchronized with Intune.

    Select Google Chrome under Associated app

  4. Click Configuration settings, select Use configuration designer, and then click Add to select the configuration keys.

    Add Use configuration designer

    Below is the example of the common settings:

    • Block access to a list of URLs: ["*"]
    • Allow access to a list of URLs: ["", "", "", "chrome://*"]
    • Managed Bookmarks: [{"toplevel_name": "My managed bookmarks folder" }, {"url": "", "name": "Baidu"}, {"url": "", "name": "Youtube"}, {"name": "Chrome links", "children": [{"url": "", "name": "Chromium"}, {"url": "", "name": "Chromium Developers"}]}]
    • Incognito mode availability: Incognito mode disabled

    Once the configuration settings are added using the configuration designer, they will be listed in a table.

    Common settings

    The above settings create bookmarks and block access to all URLs except,,, and chrome://.

  5. Click OK and Add to add your configuration policy to Intune.

  6. Assign this configuration policy to a user group. For more information, see Assign apps to groups with Microsoft Intune.

Verify the device settings

Once the Android device is enrolled with Android Enterprise, the managed Google Chrome app with the portfolio icon will be deployed automatically.

Managed Google Chrome with the portfolio icon

Launch Google Chrome and you will find the settings applied.

View bookmarks

Blocked URL:
Blocked URL

Allow URL:
Allow URL

Incognito tab:
Incognito tab


  1. Check Intune to monitor the policy deployment status.

    Monitor the policy deployment status

  2. Launch Google Chrome and visit chrome://policy. We can confirm if the settings are applied successfully.

    Confirm settings are applied successfully

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