Windows Holographic for Business settings to manage shared devices using Intune

Windows Holographic for Business devices, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, can be used by multiple users. Devices that have multiple users are called shared devices, and are a part of mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Using Microsoft Intune, users can sign in to these shared devices with a guest account. As they use the device, they only get access to features you allow.

This article describes the settings you use in a Windows Holographic for Business device configuration profile. When the profile is created in Intune, you then deploy or assign the profile to device groups in your organization. You can also assign this profile to a device group with mixed device types and OS versions.

For more information on this feature in Intune, see Control access, accounts, and power features on shared PC or multi-user devices. For more information on the Windows CSP, see AccountManagement CSP.

Before your begin

Create a Windows 10/11 shared multi-user device configuration profile.

When you create a Windows 10/11 shared user device configuration profile, there are more settings than what's listed in this article. The settings in this article are supported on Windows Holographic for Business devices.

Shared multi-user device settings


Devices that run Windows Holographic for Business, including the Microsoft HoloLens, only support the Account management settings. If you configure any of the other settings shown in Intune, including Shared PC mode, it has no impact on these devices.

  • Account management: Choose if accounts are automatically deleted. Your options:
    • Not configured (default): Automatically deletes local accounts created by guests, and accounts in AD and Azure AD. When a user signs off the device, or when system maintenance runs, these accounts are deleted.

      Also enter:

      • Account Deletion: Choose when accounts are deleted:
        • At storage space threshold
        • At storage space threshold and inactive threshold
        • Immediately after log-out

      Also enter:

      • Start delete threshold(%): Enter a percentage (0-100) of disk space. When the total disk/storage space drops below the value you enter, the cached accounts are deleted. It continuously deletes accounts to reclaim disk space. Accounts that are inactive the longest are deleted first.
      • Stop delete threshold(%): Enter a percentage (0-100) of disk space. When the total disk/storage space meets the value you enter, the deleting stops.
    • Disable: The local, AD, and Azure AD accounts created by guests stay on the device, and aren't deleted.

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