Incomplete user enrollments report

This report tells you where in the Company Portal enrollment process users are not completing the enrollment process.

To see the report, sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. Then select Devices > *Monitor > Incomplete user enrollments.

Using this information, you can update your onboarding documents to help users complete enrollment. For example, if many users are quitting at the Terms of Use, you might investigate that area and make it more intuitive for users.

What is an incomplete enrollment?

An incomplete enrollment is when a user does any of the following:

  • Explicitly chooses an action to halt enrollment
  • Closes the Company Portal during enrollment
  • Spends more than 30 minutes between enrollment sections

If a user chooses to stop enrollment and restart multiple times, it shows up as multiple attempts and multiple incomplete enrollments. If a user waits for 30 minutes between different enrollment screens, it is considered multiple incomplete enrollments.

What does the report show?

The reports include data for iOS/iPadOS and Android devices.

The reports show data for the past two weeks, but you can filter the report to show any period up to 30 days in the past.

You can filter the date range, operating system, and enrollment section by choosing Filter.

Number and percentage tiles

At the top of the report, you can see the number and percentage of incomplete enrollments in relation to all enrollments.

  • Initiated enrollments: The number of enrollments attempted.
  • Incomplete enrollments: The number of attempted enrollments that didn't result in a fully enrolled and compliant device.
  • Incomplete rate: The percentage of enrollment attempts that were abandoned (Abandoned enrollments / Initiated enrollments).

Line graph

The line graph shows the daily incomplete enrollments for each of the four core enrollment sections:

  • Setup checklist
  • Platform screens
  • Terms of use
  • Compliance/Activation

User abandonment actions

The following tables list the user actions that indicate enrollment is incomplete.

Setup checklist section

Action name Screen or flow Platform Action
EnrollmentWrapUp Prompt to open page in Company Portal iOS/Android Cancel
EnrollmentWrapUp Enrolling device screen until finish of Loading company resources iOS/Android Took > 30 minutes
DeviceCategory Device Category selection (if admin configured) until click Done iOS/Android Took > 30 minutes
PreEnrollmentWizard Set up access screen when having started enrollment but returned to Set up access iOS/Android Postpone
PreEnrollmentWizard Set up access screen until clicking Next on the What's Next screen iOS/Android Took > 30 minutes

Platform screens section

Action name Screen or flow Platform Action
iOSProfileLaunch Prompt to show a configuration profile iOS/iPadOS Ignore
iOSProfileLaunch Installing profile screen iOS/iPadOS Cancel
iOSProfileLaunch Prompt to trust the profile's source to enroll the device iOS/iPadOS Cancel
iOSProfileLaunch Install profile screen until profile is installed iOS/iPadOS Took > 30 minutes
AndroidPermissions Device administrator activation screen Android Cancel
AndroidPermissions From prompt for approval to make and manage phone calls until device administrator Activate Android Took > 30 minutes
KnoxActivation KLMS agent activation (Samsung only) Android Cancel
KnoxActivation KLMS agent activation until Confirm Android Took > 30 minutes

Terms of use section

Action name Screen or flow Platform Action
TermsofUse Terms of use (if admin configured) iOS/Android Decline All
TermsofUse Terms of use until Accept all iOS/Android Took > 30 minutes

Compliance/Activation section

Action name Screen or flow Platform Action
Compliance Device compliance (if admin configured) shows as non-green on access setup post enrollment iOS/Android Postpone
Compliance Device compliance shows as non-green until updated to show green iOS/Android Took > 30 minutes
Activation Enrollment activation (if admin configured) shows as non-green on access setup iOS/Android Postpone
Compliance Device activation shows as non-green until updated to show green iOS/Android Took > 30 minutes

Next steps

After checking on your incomplete enrollment rates, you can review the enrollment options to see if you can make any changes to improve enrollment.