Enable auto-discovery of Intune enrollment server

Applies to Windows 10, Windows 11

If you're not using automatic enrollment as part of your enrollment or provisioning solution, we recommend creating a domain name server (DNS) alias, called a CNAME record type, for your MDM servers. The CNAME redirects enrollment requests to Intune servers so that device users don't have to enter the server address during device enrollment. Although the CNAME configuration is optional, it makes enrollment easier for users by enabling automatic discovery of the Intune enrollment server and reducing the amount of user interaction required.

If you're enrolling Windows 10/11 devices using MDM automatic enrollment, you don’t have to worry about configuring CNAME records for your MDM server. The MDM server is configured by default when you enable MDM automatic enrollment in your tenant.

Step 1: Create CNAME

Create CNAME DNS resource records for your organization's domain. For example, if your organization's website is contoso.com, create a CNAME record in DNS that redirects EnterpriseEnrollment.contoso.com to enterpriseenrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com.

If no enrollment CNAME record is found, users are prompted to manually enter the MDM server name: enrollment.manage.microsoft.com.

Type Host name Points to TTL
CNAME EnterpriseEnrollment.company_domain.com EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com One hour
CNAME EnterpriseRegistration.company_domain.com EnterpriseRegistration.windows.net One hour

If your organization uses more than one UPN suffix, create one CNAME for each domain name and point each one to EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com.

For example:

  1. Contoso users use the following formats as their email address/UPN:

    • name@contoso.com
    • name@us.contoso.com
    • name@eu.contoso.com
  2. As the Contoso DNS admin, you should configure CNAME records as described in the following table:

    Type Host name Points to TTL
    CNAME EnterpriseEnrollment.contoso.com EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com One hour
    CNAME EnterpriseEnrollment.us.contoso.com EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com One hour
    CNAME EnterpriseEnrollment.eu.contoso.com EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com One hour

EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com – Supports a redirect to the Intune service with domain recognition from the email's domain name

Changes to DNS records might take up to 72 hours to propagate. You can't verify the DNS change in Intune until the DNS record propagates.

Step 2: Verify CNAME

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center.
  2. Go to Devices > Enrollment.
  3. Select the Windows tab.
  4. Under Enrollment options, select CNAME Validation.
  5. For Domain, enter the company website, and then choose Test.

Best practices and recommendations

EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com is the preferred FQDN for enrollment. EnterpriseEnrollment.manage.microsoft.com (without the -s) and manage.microsoft.com both work as the target for the autodiscovery server, but require users to acknowledge a confirmation message. We recommend using EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com because there is no confirmation required, which means one less step for the device user.

Alternate redirection methods aren't supported with Intune. For example, you can't use a proxy server to redirect enterpriseenrollment.contoso.com/EnrollmentServer/Discovery.svc to enterpriseenrollment-s.manage.microsoft.com/EnrollmentServer/Discovery.svc or manage.microsoft.com/EnrollmentServer/Discovery.svc.

Registration CNAME

Microsoft Entra ID uses a different CNAME during device registration for iOS/iPadOS, Android, and Windows devices. Intune conditional access requires devices to be registered to Microsoft Entra ID (also called workplace joined). If you plan to use conditional access, you should configure the EnterpriseRegistration CNAME for each company name you have.

Type Host name Points to TTL
CNAME EnterpriseRegistration.contoso.com EnterpriseRegistration.windows.net One hour

For more information about device registration, see Manage device identities using the Azure portal

Windows auto enrollment and device registration

This section applies to US government cloud customers on devices running Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Although creating CNAME DNS entries is optional, CNAME records make enrollment easier for users. If no enrollment CNAME record is found, users are prompted to manually enter the MDM server name, enrollment.manage.microsoft.us.

Type Host name Points to TTL
CNAME EnterpriseEnrollment.contoso.com EnterpriseEnrollment-s.manage.microsoft.us One hour
CNAME EnterpriseRegistration.contoso.com EnterpriseRegistration.windows.net One hour

For more information about automatic enrollment for Windows, see Set up automatic enrollment.