Public preview in Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune releases features in "public preview". These features are being actively developed, and may not be complete. They're made available on a "Preview" basis. You can test and use these features in production environments and scenarios, and provide feedback.

Preview features have a (preview) tag in the Microsoft Intune admin center:

Screenshot that shows the sample public preview tag in Microsoft Intune admin center and Microsoft Intune.

What you need to know

When working with features in public preview, these features:

  • May have restricted or limited functionality. For example, the feature may only apply to one platform.
  • Typically go through feature changes before they're generally available (GA).
  • Are fully supported by Microsoft.
  • May only be available in selected geographic regions or cloud environments. For example, the feature may not exist in the Azure Government cloud.
  • Individual features in preview may have more usage and support restrictions. If so, this information is typically noted in the feature documentation.

Next steps