Unlicensed admins

You can give administrators access to Microsoft Intune without them requiring an Intune license. This feature applies to any administrator, including Intune administrators, global administrators, Microsoft Entra administrators, and so on. Other features or services, such as those in Microsoft Entra ID P1 or P2, may require a license for the administrator.

The Unlicensed admins option has been enabled by default on all accounts created after the 2006 release.

Allow access

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Intune admin center > Tenant administration > Roles > Administrator Licensing.

  2. Select Allow access to unlicensed admins > Yes.


    You can't undo this setting after clicking Yes.

  3. From now on, users who sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center don't require an Intune license. Their scope of access is defined by the roles assigned to them.

Intune supports up to 350 unlicensed admins per security group, and only applies to direct members. Admins above this limit will experience unpredictable behavior.

It can take up to 48 hours for access changes to take effect.

Next step

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