Data Intune sends to Apple

When any of the following Apple services are enabled on a device, Microsoft Intune establishes a connection with Apple and shares user and device information with Apple:

Before Microsoft Intune can establish a connection, you must create an Apple account for each of the Apple services.

The following table lists the data that Microsoft Intune sends from a device to the enabled Apple services.

Service Data sent to Apple Used for
APNS Token, PushMagic If the server accepts the device, the device provides its push notification device token to the server. The server should use this token to send push messages to the device. This check-in message also contains a PushMagic string. The server must remember this string and include it in any push messages it sends to the device.
ASM/DEP Server token Push notification device token used to authenticate to Apple service.
ASM/DEP server_name An identifiable name for the MDM server.
ASM/DEP server_uuid A system-generated server identifier.
ASM/DEP admin_id Apple ID of the person who generated the current tokens that are in use.
ASM/DEP org_name The organization's name.
ASM/DEP org_email The organization's email address.
ASM/DEP org_phone The organization's phone.
ASM/DEP org_address The organization's address.
ASM/DEP org_id DEP customer ID. This key is available only in protocol version 3 and later.
ASM/DEP serial_number The device's serial number (string).
ASM/DEP model The model name (string).
ASM/DEP description A description of the device (string).
ASM/DEP asset_tag The device's asset tag (string).
ASM/DEP profile_status The status of profile installation. Possible values: empty, assigned, pushed, or removed.
ASM/DEP profile_uuid The unique ID of the assigned profile.
ASM/DEP device_assigned_by The email of the person who assigned the device.
ASM/DEP os The device's operating system: iOS/iPadOS, OSX, or tvOS. This key is valid in X-Server-Protocol-Version 2 and later.
ASM/DEP device_family The device's Apple product family: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, or AppleTV. This key is valid in X-Server-Protocol-Version 2 and later.
ASM/DEP profile_name String. A human-readable name for the profile.
ASM/DEP support_phone_number Optional. String. A support phone number for the organization.
ASM/DEP support_email_address Optional. String. A support email address for the organization. This key is valid in X-Server-Protocol-Version 2 and later.
ASM/DEP department Optional. String. The user-defined department or location name.
ASM/DEP devices Array of strings containing device serial numbers. (Might be empty.)
VPP Intune UserId guid GUID generated by Intune.
VPP Location Token Secure token used to link Intune with an Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager tenant.
VPP Managed AppleId UPN AppleID that was specified by Admin when configuring the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager location token (VPP token) connection with Apple.
VPP Serial Number Serial number of the managed device.

To stop using Apple services with Microsoft Intune and delete the data, you must both disable the Microsoft Intune Apple token and also delete your Apple account. Refer to Apple account how to perform account management.