Android FOTA Updates

You can use Microsoft Intune to manage software updates on the following Android Enterprise devices:

  • Fully Managed
  • Dedicated
  • Corporate-Owned Work Profile devices

You have two ways to manage software updates on android:

Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates allow remotely updating the firmware of devices using a wireless connection, rather than requiring the devices to be physically connected to a computer or network.

A FOTA update can include software and security patches, feature updates, and other changes to the device's firmware. This method is more efficient, convenient, and more secure than manual updates and can be performed on a scheduled or on-demand basis.

In the context of FOTA, a deployment is an update policy that includes instructions about the firmware update to be deployed to devices and other update-related settings. For example, Schedule type, and charging requirements.

In addition, Microsoft Intune supports FOTA update management for supported devices from the following manufacturers. Manufacturer-specific FOTA support may offer more controls beyond what Device restrictions profiles offer.