Integrate Zimperium with Intune

Complete the following steps to integrate the Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense solution with Intune.

Before you begin

The following steps are done in the Zimperium MTD console and will enable a connection to Zimperium's service for both Intune enrolled devices (using device compliance) and unenrolled devices (using app protection policies).

Before starting the process of integrating Zimperium with Intune, make sure you have the following subscription and credentials:

  • Microsoft Intune subscription

  • Azure Active Directory Global Administrator admin credentials to grant the following permissions:

    • Sign in and read user profile

    • Access the directory as the signed-in user

    • Read directory data

    • Send device information to Intune

  • Admin credentials to access Zimperium MTD console.

Zimperium app authorization

The Zimperium app authorization process follows:

  • Grant the Zimperium service permissions to communicate information related to device health state back to Intune. To grant these permissions, you must use Global Administrator credentials. Granting permissions is a one-time operation. After the permissions are granted, the Global Administrator credentials aren't needed for day to day operation.

  • Zimperium syncs with Azure Active Directory (AD) Enrollment Group membership to populate its device's database.

  • Allow Zimperium admin console to use Azure AD Single Sign On (SSO).

  • Allow the Zimperium app to sign in using Azure AD SSO.

For more information about consent and Azure Active Directory applications, see Request the permissions from a directory admin in the Azure Active Directory article Permissions and consent in the Azure Active Directory v2.0 endpoint.

To set up Zimperium integration

  1. Go to Zimperium MTD console and sign in with your credentials. To perform the Zimperium integration setup process, you must sign in with an Azure Active Directory user who has the Global Administrator role. This one-time setup operation uses the Global Administrator rights to grant permission in your organization for the Zimperium apps to communicate with Intune.

  2. Choose Management from the left menu.

  3. Choose the MDM settings tab.

  4. Choose Add MDM, then select Microsoft Intune from the MDM provider list.

  5. After you set Microsoft Intune as the MDM service, the Microsoft Intune Configuration window pops up, choose the Add Azure Active Directory for each option: Zimperium zConsole, zIPS iOS and Android apps to authorize Zimperium to communicate with Intune and Azure AD through Azure AD Single Sign-On.


    You must add the Zimperium zConsole, zIPS iOS and Android apps to complete the integration process with Intune.

  6. Choose Accept to authorize the Zimperium app to communicate with Intune and Azure Active Directory.

  7. After you add the Zimperium zConsole and the zIPS iOS and Android apps to Azure AD, add the Azure AD security groups. This addition allows Zimperium to synchronize the Azure AD security group with its service.

  8. Choose Finish to save the configuration and start the first Azure AD security group synchronization.

  9. Sign out of the Zimperium MTD console.

Next steps