Remotely restart devices with Intune

The Restart device action causes the device you choose to be restarted (within 5 minutes). The device owner isn't automatically notified of the restart, and they might lose work.

Supported platforms

  • Windows - Supported on Windows 8.1 and later


    Windows attempts to show the user a message with the following text: "Your device administrator has scheduled a reboot." The message is shown when the 5 minute restart counter is started. Restart of Windows devices immediately requires push notifications via Windows Notification Services (WNS). For more information on WNS, see Network Endpoint Requirements.

  • Android Enterprise dedicated devices - Supported on Android 8.0 and later

  • Android Enterprise fully managed devices - Supported on Android 8.0 and later

  • Android Enterprise corporate-owned with work profile devices - Not supported

  • Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices - Supported

  • iOS/iPadOS - Supported


    This command requires a supervised device and the Device Lock access right. The device restarts immediately. Passcode-locked iOS/iPadOS devices don't rejoin a Wi-Fi network after restart. After restart, the device might not be able to communicate with the server.

  • macOS - Supported

  • Android Enterprise personally owned work profile devices - Not supported

Restart a device

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center.
  2. Select Devices > All devices.
  3. In the list of devices that you manage, select a device > Restart > Yes.

Next steps

  • To see the status of the Restart device action, select Devices > Device actions.