Enroll device with Android work profile

Enroll your personal Android device to get access to work or school email, apps, and other data. During enrollment, you'll set up an Android work profile, which separates the personal data on your device from your work data. If this type of setup is something you're required to do, your organization will let you know through their preferred communication channel or Intune Company Portal app.

After your profile is set up, your organization will manage the work-side of it, which consists of only the work files and work data. Your IT administrator can configure and enforce certain device-level settings on your device, such as requiring you to set a device PIN. They can't see any data in the apps on the personal side of your device.

Find out more about what happens when you create a work profile.

Create work profile and enroll device


To create a work profile on your device, you must be using the primary user account on your device. Creating a work profile on a secondary user account is not supported.

  1. Open the Company Portal app and sign in with your work or school account. If you haven't installed the free app, install it from Google Play.

  2. On the Company Access Setup screen, tap BEGIN.

    Screenshot of Company Access Setup screen

  3. Review what your organization can and can't see. Then tap CONTINUE.

    Example image of Company Portal, We care about your privacy screen, highlighting the Continue button.

  4. Review Google's terms for creating a work profile. Then tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE. The appearance of this screen will vary based on your device's Android version.

    Screenshot of Google's work profile terms

  5. Wait while your work profile is set up.

    Screenshot of "Setting up work profile" screen.

  6. On devices running certain Android versions, you'll see another informational screen about the type of apps you need. Wait to be redirected and signed in to the Company Portal app.

    When you get to the Company Access Setup screen, check that your work profile is created. Then tap CONTINUE.

    Screenshot of Company Access Setup showing work profile is created.

  7. Check that your work profile is active. Then tap CONTINUE.

    Screenshot of Company Access Setup showing work profile is active.

  8. Your organization might require you to update your device settings. Tap RESOLVE to adjust a setting. When you're done updating settings, tap CONTINUE.

    Example image of Company Portal, Update device settings screen, highlighting Resolve and Continue buttons.

  9. When setup is complete, tap DONE.

    Example image of Company Portal, Company Access Setup screen, showing completed setup and highlighting Done button.

  10. When prompted to view your organization's suggested apps in Google Play, select OPEN.

    Example image of Company Portal prompt to open badged version of Google Play.

    If you're not ready to install apps, you can always access them later by going directly to the badged version of the Google Play app. You can also select Get Apps from the Company Portal menu.

    Example image of Company Portal menu, highlighting Get Apps link.

Android Enterprise availability

Work profile setup is supported in countries and regions where Android Enterprise is available (opens Google Support website). Company Portal can't set up a work profile on your device if you're outside these areas. If Android Enterprise isn't available in your country or region, ask your support person for other ways to access work resources.

Update Google Play services

If the version of Google Play services on your device is outdated, you may be unable to enroll your device. Open Google Play services(opens Google Play) to check for and install available updates. For more information about how to update Android apps, see Update your Android apps(opens Google Play Help).

Next steps

Now that your device is enrolled, you can install school or work apps on your device. Go to the managed Google Play store to find and install these apps.

Still need help? Contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.