Report a problem in Company Portal or Intune app for Android

Applies to:

  • Microsoft Intune app
  • Intune Company Portal app for Android

Report a problem or error that occurs in the Microsoft Intune and Intune Company Portal apps for Android. This article describes how to share app diagnostic logs with your support person, and how to access logs in the work profile on an Android device.


App logs are also shared with Microsoft Support in case the problem requires additional help. Your support person will reach out to Microsoft Support with your incident ID to work with them.

What you need to know

Turn on verbose logging in Company Portal to make it easier for your support person to investigate errors. For more information, see Configure logging settings.

The send logs option in the Company Portal is unavailable for sovereign cloud environments. Instead, you must send logs via email.

Send logs from Company Portal

  1. There are two ways to share logs and initiate email support in the app:

    • From the home screen, tap Menu > Help > Send logs.
    • From an error message, tap HELP or SEND INFO, if available.

    We recommend sending the email as described in this procedure because it gives you the opportunity to explain the problem you encountered to your support person. If you're already in contact with your support person, an email may not be necessary. To send logs only, with no email support, go to Help > Email Support, and tap Upload Logs Only.


  3. The app sends your logs. Open your email app when prompted.

  4. An email message opens with the incident ID pre-populated in the subject field.

    1. Enter your support person's email address.
    2. Describe the problem that you came across.
    3. Send the email and follow-up with your support person later if needed.

Send logs from Microsoft Intune app

  1. In the Microsoft Intune app, there are two ways to initiate email support.

    • From the home screen: Tap Menu > Help > Get Support.
    • From an error message: Tap HELP or SEND INFO, if available.


    Menu could be a software button or a hardware button, depending on which Android device you have.


  3. After the upload is complete, tap EMAIL and select your email app.

  4. An email message will open with the incident ID pre-populated in the subject field. In the body of the email, describe the problem that you came across.

  5. Send the email and follow-up with your support person later if needed.

Save logs to share with your support person

You must have a file viewing app to save and share Company Portal logs. If you're on a device with a work profile, the file viewing app needs to be in the work profile.

  1. Go to your work profile and open Company Portal.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap SAVE LOGS. When prompted to, choose where you want to save the logs.
  4. Share the logs with your support person as needed.

Next steps

Still need help? Contact your support person. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.