Sync your Windows device manually

Applies to

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Syncing forces your device to connect with Intune to get the latest updates, requirements, and communications from your organization. Company Portal regularly syncs devices as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. However, if you ever need to disconnect for an extended period of time, you can manually sync to get any updates you missed when you return.

Syncing can also help resolve work-related downloads or other processes that are in progress or stalled. If you're experiencing slow or unusual behavior while installing or using a work app, try syncing your device to see if an update or requirement is missing.

You can start a sync from the Company Portal app, desktop taskbar or Start menu, and from the device Settings app. Company Portal app functionality is supported on Windows 10 devices running the Creator's Update (1703) or later, and Windows 11.

All Windows devices can be synced from the device Settings app.

Sync from Company Portal app for Windows

Complete these steps to sync your Windows 10/11 device.

  1. Open the Company Portal app on your device.

  2. Select Settings > Sync.

    Screenshot home page of Company Portal app, Settings highlighted

    Screenshot settings page of Company Portal app, Sync button highlighted

Sync from device taskbar or Start menu

You can also access the sync control outside of the app, from your device's desktop. This way is useful if you have the app pinned directly to your taskbar or Start menu, and want to quickly sync.

  1. Find the Company Portal app icon in your taskbar or Start menu.

  2. Right-click the app's icon so its menu (also referred to as a jump list) appears.

    Screenshot of the Windows taskbar on a device's desktop. Company Portal app icon was selected and shows a menu with options "Pin to taskbar," "Close window," and "Sync this device" action.

  3. Select Sync this device. The Company Portal app opens to the Settings page and initiates your sync.

Sync from Settings app

Complete these steps to manually sync your Microsoft HoloLens and Windows 10 desktop devices from the Settings app.

Windows 10 desktop

  1. On your device, select Start > Settings.

  2. Select Accounts.

    Choosing Accounts on the Settings page

  3. Multiple versions of Windows 10 exist for desktops. Compare your screen to the screenshots below to determine which set of steps to follow.

    Access work or school option in settings app

    • If your screen reads Work access, skip to the steps under Work access.

    Choosing work access as the account type

Microsoft HoloLens

These instructions apply to HoloLens devices running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (also known as RS1).

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.

  2. Select Accounts > Work Access.

    Screenshot HoloLens settings app, accounts link highlighted

  3. Select your connected account > Sync.

    Screenshot HoloLens settings app, sync button highlighted

Access work or school steps

  1. Select Access work or school.

    Screenshot showing Access work or school option

  2. Select the account that has a briefcase icon next to it. If you don't see this account at all, your company may have configured your settings a different way. Instead, select the account that has a Microsoft logo next to it.

    Choose your account name next to the briefcase or Microsoft logo

  3. Select Info.

  4. Select Sync.

Work access steps

  1. Select Work access.

    Choosing work access as the account type

  2. Under Enroll in to device management, select the name of your company.

    Choosing the company name for device management

  3. Select Sync. The button remains disabled until the sync is complete.

    Choosing the Sync button

Next steps

Still need help? Contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.