IIS Log Top URI Bytes

The IIS Log Top URI Bytes view Layout for Charts enables you to obtain a high-level summary view of specific data from an IIS log file that depicts the relative distribution of cumulative IIS server response volume in bytes, from the highest to the lowest volume, for each client query requesting resources or services from an IIS server. The Layout uses a Bar element visualizer component that provides a Y-axis label next to each bar element to display the uniform resource identifier (URI) query made by an HTTP client to the server. Each horizontal graphic bar element in this Layout shows the cumulative volume in bytes for all the server responses associated with a particular query made by a client browser or other query source. The volume values in this Layout are based on the sc_bytes field for server responses, the values for which you can view in the Details Tool Window after selecting an IIS log entry in the Analysis Grid viewer.

Using the IIS Log Top URI Bytes Layout

This Layout provides a quick summary of the total server response volumes in bytes for each client query that requests access to IIS server resources and services. It enables you to see at-a-glance which client queries are driving high byte volume responses from an IIS server, which may point to areas that need further investigation. For example, very high byte volume server responses could be an indication of the potential overload of an IIS server, especially if a higher than expected number of server responses are needed to service client queries.

Along with the IIS Log Top URI Bytes view Layout for Charts, you might also consider using the Grouping viewer with the IIS Layout and the Analysis Grid viewer with the IIS Layout to achieve an integrated and interactive analysis context that can significantly enhance your analysis process.

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