IPv4Address Filters

An IPv4Address is a type of Fast Filter that enables you to filter out all messages during a live trace except those that are sent to or from a specified IPv4 address. As with other Fast Filter configurations, you can also use several relational operators to enhance filtering functionality. For example, for IPv4Address filters, you could use the logical NOT (!=) operator to filter out all messages that are sent to and from a specified IPv4 address. You could also use the GREATER THAN (>) or LESS THAN (<) operators to isolate message traffic above or below a particular IPv4 address value, respectively. You might do this if you want to isolate traffic to a particular subnet.

Configuring an IPv4Address Fast Filter

To configure an IPv4Address filter, you must open the Advanced Settings - Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture dialog by clicking the Configure link to the right of the Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture provider Id in the ETW Providers list that displays on the Live Trace tab of the New Session dialog. When the Advanced Settings dialog displays, select the Provider tab and then click a Filter drop-down arrow in a Fast Filter Group. In the menu that appears, select the IPv4Address item as the address type. You must then enter the IPv4 address value with or without operators, by specifying it in the text box to the right of the selected filter type, in a format similar to the following examples:

You have the option to configure up to three Fast Filters per Group in the Advanced Settings - Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture dialog, with the same or different address types. For example, you might want to collect or block data from several IPv4 addresses. When you are finished with Fast Filter configuration, highlight the System Network tree grid row containing the adapter that you want to assign the IPv4Address Fast Filter to, click the Apply To Highlighted button to assign the filter Group to the adapter, and then click OK to close the dialog. You can then start your Live Trace Session, at which time the Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture provider automatically isolates and captures messages that meet the criteria of the filtering configuration that you specified.

More Information
To learn more about Fast Filter configuration capabilities, see Using the Advanced Settings - Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture Dialog.