Perfmon Log (.blg)

The Perfmon Log view Layout for Charts enables you to display data from a Performance Monitor log and utilize some of Message Analyzer capabilities to manipulate and analyze the data whenever you load data from a *.blg log file. This Layout provides a main display with a graphic representation of performance counter data along with a legend of counters and an adjustable time window for zooming into data points. It displays a related set of messages after you double-click a line of performance counter data for further details.

Interactive Analysis
This Layout for the Chart viewer is intended to work with the Perfmon Log Layout for the Analysis Grid viewer and the Perfmon Log Layout for the Grouping viewer to create an integrated and interactive analysis environment. You will be able to correlate the data most effectively if you have these viewers and Layouts displayed. Note that these viewers and Layouts are configured in the Perfmon Logs Profile. The Perfmon Log Layouts for the Chart and Grouping viewers both display by default after you load data from a *.blg file, provided that you enabled this Profile on the Profiles tab of the Options dialog (accessible from the global Message Analyzer Tools menu). However, you will need to manually display the Analysis Grid viewer with the Perfmon Log Layout.

Consider the following as an example of interactively driving the display of messages into different viewers from the Grouping viewer, which contains the following groups to organize the data:

  • Machine

  • Instance

  • Counter

Under any Instance group, you can click a Counter and display that result in the Perfmon Log Layout of the Chart viewer. In addition, you can double-click the resulting counter data line and display the logged data in an associated set of messages in a new instance of the Analysis Grid viewer. Otherwise, if the Analysis Grid viewer is already open in the session, it will simply be updated with the same set of messages.

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