Add custom tiles to the app launcher

You can add your own custom tiles to Apps that point to SharePoint sites, external sites, legacy apps, and more. The custom tile appears under the Apps section in Microsoft 365. Once your users launch the app, it's added automatically to the list of app launcher apps for access. This makes it easy to find the relevant sites, apps, and resources to do your job.

Add a custom tile for Apps

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. Go to Settings > Org settings, and choose the Organization profile tab.

  3. Choose Custom tiles for Apps > Add a custom tile.

  4. Enter a tile name for the new tile. The name appears in the tile.

  5. Enter a URL of website for the tile. This is the location where you want your users to go when they select the tile on the app launcher. Use HTTPS in the URL.


    If you're creating a tile for a SharePoint site, navigate to that site, copy the URL, and paste it here. The URL of your default team site looks like this: https://<company_name>

  6. Enter a URL of the image for the tile. The image appears on the My apps page and app launcher.


    The image should be 60x60 pixels and be available to everyone in your organization without requiring authentication.

  7. Enter a description for the tile. You see this when you select the tile on the My apps page and select App details.

  8. Select Save changes to create the custom tile.

Your custom tile will appear within the next 24 hours in the app launcher on the All tab for you and your users.

Your custom tile will appear within the next 24 hours in Microsoft 365 Apps for you and your users.


If you don't see the custom tile created in the previous steps, make sure you have an Exchange Online mailbox assigned to you and you've signed into your mailbox at least once. These steps are required for custom tiles in Microsoft 365.

Edit or delete a custom tile

  1. In the admin center, go to the Settings > Org Settings > Organization profile tab.

  2. On the Organization profile page, go to Custom tiles for Apps, select the three dots next to your Custom tile, and select Edit custom tile.

  3. Update the Tile name, URL, Description, or Image URL for the custom tile (For steps, see Add a custom tile to Apps).

  4. Select Update > Close.

To delete a custom tile, from the Custom tiles window, select the tile, and select Remove tile > Delete.

Next steps

To customize the look and feel of Microsoft 365 to match your organization's brand, see Customize the Microsoft 365 theme.

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