View documents in a review set in eDiscovery (Premium)

eDiscovery (Premium) displays content via several viewers each with different purposes. The various viewers can be used by clicking on any document within a review set. The viewers currently provided are:

  • File metadata
  • Native view
  • Text view
  • Annotate view


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File metadata

This panel can be toggled on/off to display various metadata associated with the document. Although the search results grid can be customized to display specific metadata, there are instances where scrolling horizontally can be difficult while reviewing data. The File metadata panel allows a user to toggle on a view within the viewer.

File metadata panel

Native view

The Native viewer displays the richest view of a document. It supports hundreds of file types and is meant to display the truest to native experience possible. For Microsoft Office files, the viewer uses the web version of Office apps to display content such as document comments, Excel formulas, hidden rows/columns, and PowerPoint notes.

Native view

Text view

The Text viewer provides a view of the extracted text of a file. It ignores any embedded images and formatting but is very effective if you are trying to understand the content quickly. Text view also includes these features:

  • Line counter makes it easier to reference specific portions of a document
  • Search hit highlighting that will highlight terms within the document as well as the scrollbar
  • Diff view provides a comparison view that highlights textual differences when viewing Near Duplicate documents

Text view.

Diff view.

Annotate view

The Annotate view provides features that allow users to apply markup on a document including:

  • Area redactions – users can draw a box on the document in order to hide sensitive content

  • Pencil – users can free-hand draw on a document in order to bring attention to certain portions of a document

  • Select annotations - users can select annotations on a document in order to delete

  • Toggle annotation transparency – makes annotations semi-transparent in order to view the content behind the annotation

  • Previous page – navigates to previous page

  • Next page – navigates to the next page

  • Go to page – user can enter a specific page number to navigate to

  • Zoom – set zoom level for annotate view

  • Rotate – user can rotate document clockwise

  • Search – user can search within a document and navigate to the various hits within the document

    Annotate view.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view allows you to visualize and summarize the data in your search results grid. In this view, you can create custom widgets to make analyzing and reporting on your review set intuitive and easy. Once you have created your widgets, you can interact with them to get item counts or to create a search.