Deploy SharePoint Online and OneDrive


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SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams is how you do file storage and sharing, content management, and collaboration. SharePoint Online also has advanced security capabilities including access control and permissions and encryption in flight and at rest.

If you are brand new to SharePoint Online, see SharePoint Online and Get Started with SharePoint.


Before you begin, make sure you've configured the right foundation infrastructure phases so that your SharePoint Online sites have the security capabilities you need.

SharePoint Online can be used for different purposes. You need to figure out which purposes map to your business needs. You should target SharePoint Online to address the document storage and sharing, content management, and collaboration needs of your teams, your division, or your entire organization.

SharePoint Online enables the following scenarios for Microsoft 365 Education:

  • Communicate with staff to stay informed, solicit input, and build cohesion and consensus
  • Harness collective knowledge
  • Manage projects, tasks, and deadlines to meet your business objectives
  • Store and share files inside and outside your schools
  • Protect your information and reduce the risk of data loss
  • Support your schools with enhanced privacy and compliance to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

See the full list of scenarios and capabilities at SharePoint Online.

Deploy OneDrive

To deploy OneDrive, see the OneDrive guide. Even though the product is called OneDrive for Business, it is still widely used in Education scenarios.