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The new Microsoft Edge is ready for the classroom

The new Microsoft Edge browser offers world-class performance and compatibility to help reduce friction while teaching and provides new tools to enable learning—all while keeping users protected. It’s a great choice for IT professionals looking to make browser management easier for their schools, districts, or higher education institutions. Download the offline installer here. Use it to test Microsoft Edge in your environment and to easily deploy it to all users. To see how Microsoft Edge can help in your school or classroom, visit

Deployment & Configuration

FastTrack and App Assure assistance

If your school or district has 150 or more paid seats of eligible Windows 10 or Microsoft 365 services, you can receive remote deployment guidance from FastTrack and site compatibility assistance from App Assure.

FastTrack provides remote guidance for deployment, browser configuration (via policies), and setting up Internet Explorer mode via an Enterprise Site List. Learn more about FastTrack here.

App Assure (a FastTrack program) provides site compatibility assistance to help ensure a smooth experience transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge. If your web apps or sites work on Internet Explorer 11, supported versions of Google Chrome, or any version of Microsoft Edge, they’ll also work with the new Microsoft Edge. Learn more about App Assure here.

To submit a request for assistance (RFA), follow the steps on these sites:

FastTrack - Request for Assistance

App Assure - Request for Assistance

How to deploy using Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Edge can be deployed using familiar tools like Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune.

Plan your Deployment

Video – Deploy Microsoft Edge

Deploy to Windows

Deploy to macOS

How to configure for K-12 education

After installation, Microsoft Edge requires additional steps to configure for K-12 education. To make sure K-12 education institutions have an ad-free Bing search experience in Microsoft Edge, and to understand these requirements, see below:

  • For Microsoft Edge version 83 or higher (recommended)

    • Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS
    • Steps: For customers identified as EDU tenants by Microsoft, use the BingAdsSuppression policy when configuring Microsoft Edge. Steps are also included in the link if you need support with the policy.
  • For Microsoft Edge version 81

  • For Microsoft Edge version 79 or 80

    • Not recommended for K-12 education.

Additional information on how to configure Microsoft Edge



Policy reference

Feature Requirements

Some features in the new Microsoft Edge have specific requirements for use. Please find those below.

Office 365 new tab page: Azure Active Directory (AAD) account and Office 365 required.

Microsoft Search in Bing: Azure Active Directory (AAD) account and Office 365 required. User must be signed into Bing with AAD account to use.

FAQ Section

I used the old Microsoft Edge and my students didn’t receive ads. Will I get the same experience with the new Microsoft Edge?

Yes, if your school had an ad-free experience when using Microsoft Edge Legacy you will continue to have that experience on the new Microsoft Edge. If for some reason you don’t, please reach out via this link to get help.

What is Internet Explorer mode? Why would I need it? And what do I need to do to set it up?

We understand that many customers have mission-critical sites that have been built on older web standards and will only open in older, legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer mode is an enterprise feature that integrates IE11 natively into the new Microsoft Edge, enabling a single browser experience for modern and legacy sites. That means customers will no longer need a “two-browser” solution; they will navigate seamlessly between modern web sites and legacy web sites within the same window.

To learn more about Internet Explorer mode and how to set it up, visit here.

When will Inking on the web be available?

Inking on PDFs is currently supported with features like highlighting, changing color options, and adjusting line thickness. We are working on a feature that will allow you to capture your thoughts on webpages too. You can expect to see that in our Insider preview channels in the coming months.

Will the new Microsoft Edge support ePub? Is that planned for?

We are not supporting ePub in the new Microsoft Edge and there is no immediate plan to support it. Additionally, ePub support has been removed from Microsoft Edge Legacy. However, Microsoft has partnered with companies such as DAISY consortium to bring accessible ePub apps to the Microsoft Store. You can review the current set of recommended apps in the Microsoft Store collection.

What happened to Reading View? Will all the Reading View features from Microsoft Edge Legacy still be available?

As part of a broader vision and effort to make Microsoft’s reading experience consistent, we have refreshed Reading View to align with the Immersive Reader service. Immersive Reader in the new Microsoft Edge will soon be at parity with Reading View from Microsoft Edge Legacy and include new features that will help us reach parity with the Immersive Reader service.

Is it possible to auto-transfer settings from Microsoft Edge Legacy to the new Microsoft Edge when I deploy?

Yes! To do this, please use the AutoImportAtFirstRun policy when you configure your devices to automatically import another browser’s data and settings at first run.