Microsoft 365 for enterprise for the Contoso Corporation

Microsoft 365 for enterprise is the Microsoft premier cloud offering that combines local and cloud-based productivity apps and services with Windows 10 Enterprise and advanced security features. It's a complete, intelligent solution that enables everyone to work together creatively and securely.

Contoso Corporation is a fictional but representative global manufacturing conglomerate with its headquarters in Paris. The company deployed Microsoft 365 for enterprise and addressed major design decisions and implementation details for networking, identity, Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, mobile device management, information protection, and security.

The company's overall goal for Microsoft 365 for enterprise is to accelerate its digital transformation by using cloud services to bring together its employees, partners, data, and processes to create customer value and maintain its competitive advantage in a digital-first world.

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  • Overview

    Contoso is a global manufacturing, sales, and support organization with more than 100,000 products.

  • Contoso IT infrastructure and needs

    Contoso is transitioning from an on-premises, centralized IT infrastructure to a cloud-inclusive setup that incorporates cloud-based personal productivity workloads, applications, and hybrid scenarios.

  • Networking

    Contoso network engineers optimized traffic for their on-premises users to their intranet edge and to the closest Microsoft network location on the internet.

  • Identity

    The Contoso identity-in-the-cloud solution leverages the company's on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forest. It includes federated authentication with their existing trusted, third-party identity providers.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise

    The Contoso infrastructure for Windows 10 Enterprise deploys and automatically installs updates for devices that are running the company's primary PC and device operating system.

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

    The Contoso infrastructure for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise deploys and automatically installs updates for the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.

  • Mobile device management

    With many roaming employees who have both company and personal smart phones and tablets, Contoso uses mobile device management to enroll and secure devices and their data and manage apps.

  • Information protection

    To ensure that both common and high-value data are identified, labeled, and subject to layers of security, Contoso enforces its data-security policies with Microsoft 365 for enterprise information protection.

  • Summary of Microsoft 365 for enterprise security

    Contoso uses the full spectrum of Microsoft 365 for enterprise security features for identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and security management.

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