Performing Bulk SharePoint Site Migrations (preview)


Cross-Tenant SharePoint migration is currently in a private preview stage of development. As an unfinished project, any information or availability is subject to change at any time. Support for private-preview customers will be handled via email. Cross-Tenant SharePoint migration is covered by the preview terms of the Microsoft Universal License Terms for Online Services.

This article discusses how to perform bulk SharePoint site migrations using the Cross-tenant SharePoint migration solution. To learn more, see Cross-tenant SharePoint migration overview.

To perform a bulk SharePoint Site migration, you can create specific scripts via PowerShell on the Source tenant.

Though Microsoft doesn't offer any specific suggestions for how to create these PowerShell scripts, we recommend that you engage the services of an Admin user who is proficient in PowerShell script creation and execution. A suggested approach would be the following:

  1. Validate scoped sites for SharePoint Migration. Create a script that validates the status of your SharePoint Sites, site users, and groups before initiating the migration. This script should be designed to validate the existence of the SharePoint site, and the provisioning status of the users and groups on the target tenant. Once validated, the script should provide the status of those users and groups, and log any exceptions that are found.

  2. Build Identity Map. Follow the steps detailed here: Create the Identity mapping file.

  3. Schedule jobs for sites for SharePoint site migration. Create a script that schedules all the SharePoint sites you want to migrate. You can schedule up to 4,000 migrations.

  4. Reporting status for all SharePoint sites being migrated. Create scripts that can be used to provide a report on the status of all SharePoint sites in the migration. You can tailor the script to output success and failure status and provide status details for each site migration.