Cross-tenant SharePoint migration FAQs (Preview)


Cross-Tenant SharePoint migration is currently in a private preview stage of development. As an unfinished project, any information or availability is subject to change at any time. Support for private-preview customers will be handled via email. Cross-Tenant SharePoint migration is covered by the preview terms of the Microsoft Universal License Terms for Online Services.

Premigration FAQs

Question: Can a SharePoint account have any content in the target tenant before migration?
Answer: No. The tool doesn't support Merge functionality with existing content. The user being migrated must not have a pre-existing SharePoint on the target tenant.

Question: Can users be precreated on the target tenant?
Answer: Yes, all Users/Groups that are identified for migration should be precreated on the target tenant and appropriate licenses assigned prior to staring any migrations. Also:

  • SharePoint site creation should be restricted in the target tenant to prevent users creating SharePoint sites.
  • If a SharePoint site already exists for the user on the target tenant the migration fails.
  • You can't overwrite an existing site.
  • SharePoint sites should NOT be created Prior OR during a migration.

Question: Can my SharePoint accounts be in Read-only mode prior to starting any cross-tenant migrations?
Answer: No. Before starting any migration, you need to ensure that your Source SharePoint accounts are NOT set to Read-Only, otherwise the migration fails.

Question: Can my SharePoint accounts be in Read-only mode prior to starting any cross-tenant migrations?
Answer: No, before starting any migrations, ensure that your source SharePoint accounts are NOT set to Read-only. Otherwise, the migration fails.

Question: Does the tool support GCC and GCC-High tenants?
Answer: We don't currently support government environments (GCC & GCC-High) but we plan to support them in the future.

Question: Are SharePoint accounts with Customer Key Encryption supported for migration?
Answer: No. We do NOT support migration if the source tenant has Service encryption with Microsoft Purview Customer Key enabled.

Question: What do I need to consider for migrating sites between Multi-Geo tenants?
Answer: If you're a SharePoint Multi-Geo or MNC customer, you must treat each geography as a separate tenant and supply the correct geography-specific URLs throughout the process. You must also establish trust between each geography involved in your migration project.

Post-migration FAQs

Question: What happens to permissions on SharePoint content?
Answer: Users with permissions to SharePoint content continues to have access to their content upon completion on the new target tenant. if those users/groups were included as part of the Identity Map and mapped accordingly.

Question: What happens to sharing links?
Answer: After the SharePoint cross-tenant migration, existing shared links for files that were migrated will automatically redirect to the new target location.

Question: How are shared files handled?
Anyone clicking on a sharing link to the old location will be redirected to the new location. The original/source tenant is deprovisioned or can be removed by the admin site-by-site basis.

Question: Will external Shared Files still work?
Answer: As part of the migration process, Admins must precreate the appropriate users on the destination tenant, including guest/external users, and provide the tool with an "Identity Map." The identify map tells us how to adjust file/site ownership and permissions.

Question: If a file is shared in a Teams chat, will those files still be accessible after migration?
Answer: See the question above. The identity map informs how files are shared. If a user select on the link, it attempts to redirect to the new location. The file is accessible as long as the user has permissions to access the file on the destination.