Delete a Satellite Geography location in Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo

If you no longer need a Satellite Geography location, you can delete it from your Tenant from the SharePoint admin center.


All user data in the Satellite Geography location will be permanently deleted. This includes all OneDrive for Business content, SharePoint sites and Exchange mailboxes including Microsoft 365 Group mailboxes. You must migrate any data to another Satellite Geography location or the Primary Provisioned Geography location before you delete the Satellite Geography location. This action cannot be undone.

Only global administrators can delete Satellite Geography locations.

Screenshot of multi-geo admin center showing delete geo location UI.

To delete a Satellite Geography location

  1. Open the SharePoint admin center, and go to the Geo locations tab.

  2. On the map, select the Satellite Geography location that you want to delete.

  3. Select Delete location.

  4. Confirm the deletion by selecting the confirmation check boxes.

  5. Select Delete.