Disable access to Microsoft 365 services with PowerShell

This article applies to both Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise.

When a Microsoft 365 account is assigned a license from a licensing plan, Microsoft 365 services are made available to the user from that license. However, you can control the Microsoft 365 services that the user can access. For example, even though the license allows access to the SharePoint Online service, you can disable access to it. You can use PowerShell to disable access to any number of services for a specific licensing plan for:

  • An individual account.
  • A group of accounts.
  • All accounts in your organization.


There are Microsoft 365 service dependencies that can prevent you from disabling a specified service when other services depend on it.

Use the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK


The Azure Active Directory module is being replaced by the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK. You can use the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK to access all Microsoft Graph APIs. For more information, see Get started with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK.

First, use a Microsoft Entra DC admin or Cloud Application Admin account to connect to your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Assigning and removing licenses for a user requires the User.ReadWrite.All permission scope or one of the other permissions listed in the 'Assign license' Graph API reference page.

The Organization.Read.All permission scope is required to read the licenses available in the tenant.

Connect-Graph -Scopes User.ReadWrite.All, Organization.Read.All

Next, use this command to view your available licensing plans, also known as SkuPartNumber:

Get-MgSubscribedSku | Select SkuId, SkuPartNumber, ServicePlans | Sort SkuPartNumber

For more information, see View licenses and services with PowerShell.

To see the before and after results of the procedures in this topic, see View account license and service details with PowerShell.

Disable specific Microsoft 365 services for specific users for a specific licensing plan

To disable a specific set of Microsoft 365 services for users for a specific licensing plan, perform the following steps:

First list the licensing plans available in your tenant using the following command.

Get-MgSubscribedSku | Select SkuPartNumber


Next, use the SkuPartNumber from the command above, list the service plans available for a given license plan (Sku).

The following example lists all the service plans available for SPE_E5 (Microsoft 365 E5).

Get-MgSubscribedSku -All | Where SkuPartNumber -eq 'SPE_E5' |  select -ExpandProperty ServicePlans
AppliesTo ProvisioningStatus ServicePlanId                        ServicePlanName
--------- ------------------ -------------                        ---------------
User      Success            b21a6b06-1988-436e-a07b-51ec6d9f52ad PROJECT_O365_P3
User      Success            64bfac92-2b17-4482-b5e5-a0304429de3e MICROSOFTENDPOINTDLP
User      Success            199a5c09-e0ca-4e37-8f7c-b05d533e1ea2 MICROSOFTBOOKINGS
User      Success            6db1f1db-2b46-403f-be40-e39395f08dbb CUSTOMER_KEY
User      Success            4a51bca5-1eff-43f5-878c-177680f191af WHITEBOARD_PLAN3
User      Success            07699545-9485-468e-95b6-2fca3738be01 FLOW_O365_P3
User      Success            9c0dab89-a30c-4117-86e7-97bda240acd2 POWERAPPS_O365_P3
User      Success            e212cbc7-0961-4c40-9825-01117710dcb1 FORMS_PLAN_E5
User      Success            57ff2da0-773e-42df-b2af-ffb7a2317929 TEAMS1
User      Success            21b439ba-a0ca-424f-a6cc-52f954a5b111 WIN10_PRO_ENT_SUB
User      Success            eec0eb4f-6444-4f95-aba0-50c24d67f998 AAD_PREMIUM_P2
User      Success            c1ec4a95-1f05-45b3-a911-aa3fa01094f5 INTUNE_A
User      Success            7547a3fe-08ee-4ccb-b430-5077c5041653 YAMMER_ENTERPRISE
User      Success            a23b959c-7ce8-4e57-9140-b90eb88a9e97 SWAY
User      Success            e95bec33-7c88-4a70-8e19-b10bd9d0c014 SHAREPOINTWAC
User      Success            5dbe027f-2339-4123-9542-606e4d348a72 SHAREPOINTENTERPRISE
User      Success            b737dad2-2f6c-4c65-90e3-ca563267e8b9 PROJECTWORKMANAGEMENT
User      Success            43de0ff5-c92c-492b-9116-175376d08c38 OFFICESUBSCRIPTION
User      Success            0feaeb32-d00e-4d66-bd5a-43b5b83db82c MCOSTANDARD
User      Success            9f431833-0334-42de-a7dc-70aa40db46db LOCKBOX_ENTERPRISE
User      Success            efb87545-963c-4e0d-99df-69c6916d9eb0 EXCHANGE_S_ENTERPRISE

For a complete list of license plans (also known as product names), their included service plans, and their corresponding friendly names, see Product names and service plan identifiers for licensing. (Search using the ServicePlanId to lookup service plan's corresponding friendly name).

The following example assigns SPE_E5 (Microsoft 365 E5) with the MICROSOFTBOOKINGS (Microsoft Bookings) and LOCKBOX_ENTERPRISE (Customer Lockbox) services turned off:

$e5Sku = Get-MgSubscribedSku -All | Where SkuPartNumber -eq 'SPE_E5'
$disabledPlans = $e5Sku.ServicePlans | `
    Where ServicePlanName -in ("LOCKBOX_ENTERPRISE", "MICROSOFTBOOKINGS") | `
    Select -ExpandProperty ServicePlanId

$addLicenses = @(
        SkuId = $e5Sku.SkuId
        DisabledPlans = $disabledPlans

Set-MgUserLicense -UserId "belinda@litwareinc.com" -AddLicenses $addLicenses -RemoveLicenses @()

The DisabledPlans property of the -AddLicenses parameter in Set-MgUserLicense will overwrite the user's existing DisabledPlans value. To preserve the state of existing service plans, the user's current state of service plans must be merged with the new plans that are going to be disabled.

Failing to include the existing DisabledPlans will result in the user's previously disabled plan being enabled.

The following example updates a user with SPE_E5 (Microsoft 365 E5) and turns off the Sway and Forms service plans while leaving the user's existing disabled plans in their current state:

## Get the services that have already been disabled for the user.
$userLicense = Get-MgUserLicenseDetail -UserId "belinda@fdoau.onmicrosoft.com"
$userDisabledPlans = $userLicense.ServicePlans | `
    Where ProvisioningStatus -eq "Disabled" | `
    Select -ExpandProperty ServicePlanId

## Get the new service plans that are going to be disabled
$e5Sku = Get-MgSubscribedSku -All | Where SkuPartNumber -eq 'SPE_E5'
$newDisabledPlans = $e5Sku.ServicePlans | `
    Where ServicePlanName -in ("SWAY", "FORMS_PLAN_E5") | `
    Select -ExpandProperty ServicePlanId

## Merge the new plans that are to be disabled with the user's current state of disabled plans
$disabledPlans = ($userDisabledPlans + $newDisabledPlans) | Select -Unique

$addLicenses = @(
        SkuId = $e5Sku.SkuId
        DisabledPlans = $disabledPlans
## Update user's license
Set-MgUserLicense -UserId "belinda@litwareinc.onmicrosoft.com" -AddLicenses $addLicenses -RemoveLicenses @()

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