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Microsoft 365 Network Provider Program

Network connectivity has a direct impact on your users’ ability to work quickly, collaborate effectively, and streamline business processes with Microsoft 365. For customers in any stage of their digital transformation, network design is a critical aspect that should be proactively addressed before issues negatively impact user experience.

As customers adopt Microsoft 365 for business productivity, Microsoft has observed a common trend that network performance and the resulting end-user collaboration experience is directly influenced by network solutions in the path between the user and Microsoft 365. To help partners design optimal network solutions and help customers make informed decisions regarding such solutions, we built the Microsoft 365 Network Provider Program.

The Microsoft 365 Network Provider Program deepens our collaboration with network partners and identifies key products and solutions that follow Microsoft 365 networking requirements, recommendations, and best practices. The goal of the Microsoft 365 Network Provider program is to facilitate customer ability to improve their Microsoft 365 experience through easy discovery of validated partner solutions that consistently demonstrate alignment to key principles for optimal Microsoft 365 connectivity in customer deployments.

To modernize enterprise networks for great connectivity to Microsoft 365, customers often rely on network solution providers, on-premises or cloud-based security services, and system integrators to plan, design, and implement network connectivity for cloud services. Customers often ask Microsoft whether their network architecture and solutions work with Microsoft 365 and whether they align with Microsoft’s Network Connectivity Principles for Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft 365 Network Provider Program demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to help our customers get the best Microsoft 365 experience. The Microsoft 365 team works with many network industry partners to help ensure that key principles for optimal connectivity are natively built into their network product and solutions.

The Microsoft 365 Network Provider program is in preview for a limited number of network providers. If you are interested in participating in the preview to give early feedback on the program, please register your interest by filling out the form.