Microsoft 365 network health status

Due to the increased demand for Microsoft's cloud services during the COVID-19 crisis, we are providing information about the health of Microsoft's global network and information about network quality issues that our customers might experience but that we don't control.

This information includes network issues that affect all of our software as service offerings, including Microsoft 365.

There might be delays in the updates to this page. We are updating it manually while we build a more automated solution.

When we detect significant issues within Microsoft's global network or with internet connectivity between our customers and Microsoft's network, we'll post that information here. We recommend that customers continue to use the Microsoft 365 admin center Service Health dashboard to understand the impact of any significant network issues on their tenant, as we provide much more detailed and targeted information there.

Current network issues

Location Issue Type Detail
No current issues

Recommendations to improve network experience

Use these resources to improve your network utilization for Microsoft services.