Locations of Microsoft Online Services Personnel with Remote Access to Data

When you use Microsoft Online Services, personnel with specialized technical expertise operate, deliver, and maintain the Online Services. These personnel are part of our global workforce, which is made up of both employees of Microsoft and its subsidiaries and staff we obtain via contract with third party organizations to assist Microsoft employees. These third-party organizations are disclosed on our published Online Services subprocessor list at https://aka.ms/subprocessor and the staff augmentation resources they provide are referred to as "contract staff".

The following tables include the locations of these Microsoft personnel and contract staff who may require limited remote access to Customer or Personal Data (consisting of pseudonymized personal identifiers). This data resides only on Microsoft systems and is subject to Microsoft policies and supervision. The location of the Customer and Personal Data is distinct from its remote access by personnel in other locations; this data remains within Microsoft datacenter infrastructure in the locations you select when deploying your Online Services (when regional selection is available). For more information on Microsoft datacenters, please see the Azure global infrastructure site.

Remote access to data by Microsoft personnel, including contract staff, is limited and controlled. Microsoft employs the least privileged access mechanisms to control access to Customer Data and Personal Data. Role-based access controls are employed to ensure that access to Customer Data and Personal Data required for service operations is for an appropriate purpose and approved with management oversight. Personnel also undergo background checks and use multi-factor authentication as part of Microsoft standard business requirements, and access to Customer and Personal Data is logged and monitored by Microsoft.

For more information on remote access to data by personnel, see Continuing data transfers that apply to all EU Data Boundary services.

Microsoft Subsidiary
Personnel Locations
Albania Ecuador Rwanda Portugal
Algeria Egypt Uzbekistan Qatar
Angola El Salvador Latvia Romania
Argentina Estonia Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Armenia Finland Lithuania Senegal
Australia France Luxembourg Serbia
Austria Georgia Macao SAR Singapore
Azerbaijan Germany Madagascar Slovakia
Bahrain Ghana Malaysia Slovenia
Bangladesh Greece Malta South Africa
Belgium Guatemala Mauritius Spain
Bolivia Honduras Mexico Sri Lanka
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hong Kong SAR Montenegro Sweden
Brazil Hungary Morocco Switzerland
Brunei Iceland Namibia Taiwan
Bulgaria India Nepal Tajikistan
Cambodia Indonesia Netherlands Thailand
Cameroon Ireland New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Canada Israel Nigeria Tunisia
Chile Italy North Macedonia Turkey
China Jamaica Norway Ukraine
Colombia Japan Oman United Arab Emirates
Costa Rica Jordan Pakistan United Kingdom
Côte d'Ivoire Kazakhstan Palestinian Authority United States
Croatia Kenya Panama Uruguay
Cyprus South Korea Paraguay Vietnam
Czech Republic Kuwait Peru
Denmark Kyrgyzstan Philippines
Dominican Republic Nicaragua Poland
Contract Staff
Personnel Locations
Argentina Egypt Japan Serbia
Armenia El Salvador Korea Singapore
Australia Finland Malaysia South Africa
Austria France Mexico Spain
Belgium Georgia Netherlands Sweden
Bolivia Germany New Zealand Switzerland
Brazil Ghana Norway Taiwan
Bulgaria Guatemala Panama Trinidad and Tobago
Canada Honduras Paraguay Turkey
China Hong Kong SAR Peru United Kingdom
Costa Rica Hungary Philippines United States
Czech Republic India Poland Uruguay
Denmark Ireland Portugal
Dominican Republic Italy Qatar
Ecuador Jamaica Romania