Turn off directory synchronization for Microsoft 365

You can use PowerShell to turn off directory synchronization and convert your synchronized users to cloud-only. However, it isn't recommended that you turn off directory synchronization as a troubleshooting step. If you need assistance with troubleshooting directory synchronization, see the Fixing problems with directory synchronization for Microsoft 365 article.

Contact support if you need help with this procedure.

Turn off directory synchronization

To turn off Directory synchronization:

  1. First, install the required software and connect to your Microsoft 365 subscription. For instructions, see Connect with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module for Windows PowerShell.

  2. Use Update-MgBetaOrganization to disable directory synchronization:

  # Install v1.0 and beta Microsoft Graph PowerShell modules 
  Install-Module Microsoft.Graph -Force
  Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Beta -AllowClobber -Force 
  # Connect With Global Admin Account
  Connect-MgGraph -scopes "Organization.ReadWrite.All,Directory.ReadWrite.All" 
  # Verify the current status of the DirSync Type
  Get-MgOrganization | Select OnPremisesSyncEnabled 
  # Store the Tenant ID in a variable named organizationId
  $organizationId = (Get-MgOrganization).Id 
  # Store the False value for the DirSyncEnabled Attribute
  $params = @{
  	onPremisesSyncEnabled = $false
  # Perform the update
  Update-MgBetaOrganization -OrganizationId $organizationId -BodyParameter $params 
  # Check that the command worked
  Get-MgOrganization | Select OnPremisesSyncEnabled


If you use this command, you must wait 72 hours before you can turn directory synchronization back on.

Visit Update-MgBetaOrganization for more detailed information on cmdlet usage and switches.