Provide initial and ongoing training to help onboard your frontline workers

Get your employees ready to start and succeed in their roles on your frontline team with a custom onboarding and training process. You can use initial onboarding to welcome new team members, familiarize them with roles and duties, and teach them about how your organization operates. Then, use ongoing training to help your team maintain and grow their skills.

Initial training and onboarding

A smooth onboarding and initial training process is essential for new members of your frontline team to get up and running quickly. If your team tends to have low turnover, your workers may benefit from a longer and more in-depth onboarding process. If you employ a lot of seasonal or temporary workers on your frontline team, you may need a lighter onboarding experience. You can also customize your onboarding process for different teams that require different levels of initial training.

Learn how to plan, build, and launch your employee onboarding experience.


If your frontline team will primarily be using Teams on mobile devices to communicate and collaborate, you can use Viva Connections and Viva Learning to make SharePoint content easily visible in Teams.

Ongoing training

This article will show you how Viva Learning can help you streamline ongoing training for your frontline team. Viva Learning pulls content from your chosen sources into Teams, making it easy for your frontline team to access. You can use Viva Learning to manage types of ongoing training including:

  • Maintaining and refreshing necessary skills such as customer service or procedures for regular tasks
  • Learning new skills such as management responsibilities or using new equipment
  • Company policy training such as diversity and inclusion or security

These are the steps to get Viva Learning up and running for your frontline workers:

  1. Get and set up Viva Learning
  2. Choose and manage your content
  3. Distribute and promote your content

Get and set up Viva Learning

Viva Learning with basic features is included with your F1 or F3 license. However, in order to access all Viva Learning features including third-party content provider integration, you'll need a Viva Suite or Viva Learning license. Learn more about licensing.

Viva Learning is automatically enabled for Teams users, so your admin won't need to do additional setup in the Teams admin center. Your IT admin can pin the Viva Learning app in Teams to make sure your frontline workers can find it easily.

Learn more about getting and setting up Viva Learning.

Choose and manage your content

Content from Microsoft, as well as select content from LinkedIn Learning, is available by default in Viva Learning. Your IT admin can also integrate SharePoint with Viva Learning to bring in custom content created by your organization. Using SharePoint allows you to create and distribute learning content created by and for your organization, so you can choose to share exactly what your workforce needs.

Managers can also bring in content from SharePoint that they can share with their teams by using the Bring your own content feature.


Content brought in using the Bring your own content capability isn't searchable in Viva Learning. However, the person who brings in the content can share and recommend it with team members to make it available to them. If you want content from SharePoint to be searchable, you'll need to have your IT admin follow the process to integrate SharePoint.

If you have a Viva Suite or Viva Learning license and your organization is subscribed to one, you can integrate third-party content providers and integrate learning management systems.

Learn more about how to choose and curate your content.

Distribute and promote your content

Make sure your frontline team knows what training in Viva Learning is available to and required for them.

Managers can recommend learning content to their teams to ensure required trainings are complete.

Screenshot of the Viva Connections Dashboard with a Viva Learning card.

Corporate communications specialists can use Viva Connections to distribute a SharePoint news post that highlights new learning opportunities or required trainings.

Learn how different roles in your organization can promote learning and training.

End-user training

Make sure your workforce knows how to use Viva Learning. Share the Viva Learning user training content set to help your frontline team get comfortable using Viva Learning.