Review a deployment plan in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

All tenants with an Onboarding status of Active are assigned the default baseline as their deployment plan. Deployment plans include a series of tasks that comprise the desired state for the tenant. Tasks may be automated through Microsoft 365 Lighthouse or require manual confirmation of implementation. Related tasks may also be grouped together.

Before you begin

Make sure you and your customer tenants meet the requirements listed in Requirements for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

Additionally, each partner tenant user must meet the following requirements:

  • The partner tenant user must have DAP/GDAP access to the applicable tenant.

    • For DAP, the partner tenant user must be a member of the admin agent group.

    • For GDAP, the partner tenant user must be a member of a security group that has been granted GDAP permissions to the applicable workload associated with the task.

  • The partner tenant user must enable MFA for their user account in the partner tenant.

Access a tenant deployment plan

  1. In the left navigation pane in Lighthouse, select Tenants.

  2. From the tenant list, select the tenant you want to view.

  3. Select the Deployment Plan tab.

The Deployment Plan tab lists all tasks included in the tenant's deployment plan and provides the following information for each task:

Column Description
Task The name of the task.
Status The status of the task.
Total users Where applicable, the total number of users detected within the tenant.
Excluded The number of users that have been excluded from the task.
Not compliant The number of users whose configuration is Not compliant with the task.
Not licensed The number of users that haven't been assigned licenses to the services required by the task.
Not targeted The number of users that aren't targeted for assignment of the task.
Compliant The number of users whose configuration is Compliant with the task.

The Deployment Plan tab also supports the following actions:

  • Refresh: Select to retrieve the most current task data.

  • Search: Enter keywords to quickly locate a specific task in the list.

When a tenant’s onboarding status becomes Active or when you access a tenant within Lighthouse, Lighthouse queries the tenant for existing configurations. The deployment status is assigned to each task based on the status of each setting included in the subtask and, where applicable, for each user to which the subtask is assigned.

Deployment statuses are automatically determined by Lighthouse when detection is possible, and by user input when detection isn't possible.

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