View an enterprise Cloud PC failed network connection in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse provides the connection status between your customer tenants and Microsoft Entra ID. When a Cloud PC has a failed network connection, you can view detailed information in the Microsoft Intune admin center.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Global Administrator in the partner tenant.
  • You must have Cloud PC Administrator or Cloud PC Reader access to view connection issues.

View a failed network connection

  1. In the left navigation pane in Lighthouse, select Devices > Windows 365.

  2. Select the Azure network connections tab.

  3. From the colored count-annotation bar, select Failed connections.

  4. From the filtered list, select View connection details in Microsoft Endpoint Manager next to the connection you want to investigate.

  5. From the Microsoft Intune admin center, select View details to learn more about the error.

Next steps

To troubleshoot connection issues, see Troubleshoot on-premises network connection.

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