Use Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI with any LTI 1.3 compliant LMS

The Teams Meetings LTI app incorporates Teams meetings into LMS courses. Educators and students can view past and upcoming meetings, schedule individual or recurring meetings, and join team meetings related to the course, all from within their LMS.

Teams Meetings LTI uses the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard, which allows any LMS that is LTI 1.3 compliant to integrate Teams Meetings for its educators and students.

This guide provides the IT admin steps for registering the Teams Meetings LTI app for any LMS that is LTI 1.3 compliant.

For an overview of Microsoft LTI, see Integrating Microsoft products with your Learning Management System (LMS).


The person who performs this integration should be an administrator of their LMS and a Microsoft 365 administrator.

Steps to deploy the Teams Meetings LTI app for your LMS

  1. Go to the Microsoft LMS Gateway.
  2. Select the Go to Registration Portal button.
  3. Sign in with a Microsoft 365 administrator account.
  4. After signing in, select Add new registration.
  5. Select Teams Meetings LTI to register, and then select Next.
  6. Enter an easily identifiable Registration name.
  7. Select Other as the LMS platform, and then select Next.
  8. You'll be given a list of keys that need to be copied and pasted to your LMS site.
  9. Open the LMS site in another browser tab.
    1. Don't close the Microsoft LMS Gateway tab.
    2. Copy the keys provided to your LMS site.
      1. Check your LMS's documentation to find the correct place to paste these keys.
  10. On the Microsoft LMS gateway tab, select LMS provided registration keys.
  11. Copy and paste the values from the LMS to Microsoft's LMS provided registration keys step.
    1. Check your LMS's documentation to find the correct place to get the registration keys from your LMS.
  12. Select Next.
  13. Review the Review and add page.
  14. If there are no errors, select Save and exit.
  15. You should see a message indicating successful registration.

You've completed registration of Teams Meetings LTI app on the Microsoft LMS Gateway.