Integrate Microsoft Teams classes and meetings LTI apps within Desire2Learn Brightspace LMS

This guide provides the IT admin steps for registering both Teams Classes and Teams Meetings LTI apps for the Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace LMS.

For details on managing all LTI apps for any LMS, see Manage Microsoft LMS Gateway for any LMS.

The basic steps to integrate Teams LTI apps and Brightspace are:

  1. Prerequisites before integration.
  2. Register Microsoft LTI for use in Brightspace.
  3. Deploy the Microsoft LTI apps to Brightspace.
  4. Add Teams LTI app links to educators' Brightspace.

Prerequisites before integration

For the integration between D2L Brightspace and Teams to function correctly, Brightspace and Teams must be set up to communicate with one another.

  1. For Teams Classes to work, you need to have Brightspace Course Connector installed and configured correctly. Follow these steps to install the connector on your Brightspace account.


    Select Class Team for Integration type when setting up the connector to ensure compatibility with Teams LTI tools.

  2. Teams Meetings will work without the course connector. However, certain features such as Add entire class won't be available. We recommend installing Brightspace Course Connector for the Teams Meetings LTI app.

Register Microsoft Teams LTI for use in Brightspace

  1. Visit Microsoft LMS Gateway and select the Go to Registration Portal button.

  2. Sign in with a Microsoft 365 administrator account.

  3. After signing in, select Add new registration.

  4. Select either Teams Meetings LTI or Teams Classes LTI to register and then select Next.

  5. Enter in an easily identifiable Registration name and select D2L Brightspace as the LMS platform. Select Next.

  6. You'll be given a list of keys that need to be added to your Brightspace LMS site.

  7. Open the Brightspace site in another tab. Don't close the Microsoft LMS Gateway tab.

  8. On the Brightspace site, navigate to Admin > Manage Extensibility and select LTI Advantage then Register Tool.

  9. Select Standard registration and copy the keys from Microsoft LTI keys to the corresponding tool inputs.

    1. Microsoft's Target link URL key goes into Brightspace's Target Link URI field.
    2. Microsoft's Open ID connection URL key goes into Brightspace's OpenID Connect Login URL field.
    3. Microsoft's Redirect URL key goes into Brightspace's Redirect URLs field.
  10. In the Domain field, enter

  11. Select the Register button.

  12. A modal will display the Brightspace registration details. These values need to be added on Microsoft LMS Gateway.

  13. On the Microsoft LMS gateway tab, select LMS provided registration keys.

  14. Copy and paste the values from Brightspace's configuration details to Microsoft's LMS provided registration keys step.

    Paste the values as follows:

    On Brightspace On Microsoft LTI registration portal
    Issuer Issuer ID URL
    Client ID Client ID
    Brightspace Keyset URL Keyset URL
    OpenID Connect Authentication Endpoint Platform authentication URL

    Select Next.

  15. Review the Review and add page. If there are no errors, select Save and exit. You should see a message indicating successful registration.

You've completed registration of either the Teams Classes or Teams Meetings LTI app.

If you would like to add the other app too, repeat the steps above, selecting the other Teams LTI app in step 4.

Deploy the Microsoft LTI apps to Brightspace

After registering your Microsoft LTI apps, you need to deploy the apps on your Brightspace site.

Here's the procedure to create a new deployment:

  1. On the Brightspace site, select the tool that you created.
  2. Enter a deployment name.
  3. Select all security settings except Classlist and Anonymous.
  4. Don't set configuration settings.
  5. Select Create Deployment.

Choose the Org Units you would like to use the new LTI app. Select the root org or select individual org unit children.

After creating a deployment, you'll create a new link. This link will add the Microsoft LTI app to educators' Brightspace experience.

  1. On the Brightspace site, select the deployment you created.
  2. Scroll down and select View Links.
  3. Select New link.
  4. Fill in these required details:
    1. Paste the Redirect URL from Microsoft LMS gateway into the URL field. This URL can be accessed by viewing the registration on the gateway.
    2. Set the type to Basic Launch.
  5. Select Save and Close.

The educator can now add the Microsoft LTI app by selecting it in the Brightspace Existing Content dropdown.