Microsoft Defender for Endpoint - demonstration scenarios

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The following demonstration scenarios will help you learn about the capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Windows (Mac and Linux are out of scope). Demonstration scenarios are provided for the following Microsoft Defender for Endpoint protection areas:

Shows the areas of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint demonstration scenarios covered in this collection

  • Attack surface protection (ASR)
  • Next Generation Protection (NGP)
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)


None of the sample files or suspicious links provided in this collection are actually malicious; all links and demonstration files are harmless.

We encourage you to read Microsoft Defender Antivirus documentation, and to download the Evaluation guide.


The following table lists the available demonstrations alphabetically, with their associated protection area.

# Demonstration name Protection area Description
1 App reputation demonstration NGP Navigate to the app reputation page to see the demonstration scenario using Microsoft Edge.
2 Attack surface reduction rules demonstrations ASR Download sample files to trigger each ASR rule.
3 Block at First Sight (BAFS) demonstration NGP With the BAFS feature in Microsoft Defender Antivirus, newly discovered files are analyzed and - if needed - blocked.
4 Cloud-delivered protection demonstration NGP Confirm that cloud-delivered protection is working properly on your computer.
5 Controlled folder access (CFA) demonstration (block script) ASR Download the CFA test tool.
6 Controlled folder access (CFA) demonstrations (block ransomware) ASR Download and execute a sample file to trigger CFA ransomware protection.
7 Exploit protection (EP) demonstrations ASR Apply custom exploit protection settings.
8 Network protection demonstrations ASR Navigate to a suspicious URL to trigger network protection.
9 Potentially unwanted applications (PUA) demonstration NGP Confirm that potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) are being blocked on your network by downloading a fake (safe) PUA file.
10 URL reputation demonstrations NGP Navigate to the URL Reputation page to see the demonstration scenarios using Microsoft Edge.

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