Techniques in the device timeline

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You can gain more insight in an investigation by analyzing the events that happened on a specific device. First, select the device of interest from the Devices list. On the device page, you can select the Timeline tab to view all the events that occurred on the device.

Understand techniques in the timeline


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In Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Techniques are an additional data type in the event timeline. Techniques provide more insight on activities associated with MITRE ATT&CK techniques or sub-techniques.

This feature simplifies the investigation experience by helping analysts understand the activities that were observed on a device. Analysts can then decide to investigate further.

For public preview, Techniques are available by default and shown together with events when a device's timeline is viewed.

The Techniques in device timeline

Techniques are highlighted in bold text and appear with a blue icon on the left. The corresponding MITRE ATT&CK ID and technique name also appear as tags under Additional information.

Search and Export options are also available for Techniques.

Investigate using the side pane

Select a Technique to open its corresponding side pane. Here you can see additional information and insights like related ATT&CK techniques, tactics, and descriptions.

Select the specific Attack technique to open the related ATT&CK technique page where you can find more information about it.

You can copy an entity's details when you see a blue icon on the right. For instance, to copy a related file's SHA1, select the blue page icon.

The to copy entity details

You can do the same for command lines.

The option to copy command line

To use advanced hunting to find events related to the selected Technique, select Hunt for related events. This leads to the advanced hunting page with a query to find events related to the Technique.

The Hunt for related events option


Querying using the Hunt for related events button from a Technique side pane displays all the events related to the identified technique but does not include the Technique itself in the query results.

Customize your device timeline

On the upper right-hand side of the device timeline, you can choose a date range to limit the number of events and techniques in the timeline.

You can customize which columns to expose. You can also filter for flagged events by data type or by event group.

Choose columns to expose

You can choose which columns to expose in the timeline by selecting the Choose columns button.

The pane in which you can customize columns

From there you can select which information set to include.

Filter to view techniques or events only

To view only either events or techniques, select Filters from the device timeline and choose your preferred Data type to view.

The Filters pane

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