Monitor web browsing security

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Web protection lets you monitor your organization's web browsing security through reports under Reports > Web protection in the Microsoft Defender portal. The report contains cards that provide web threat detection statistics.

  • Web threat protection detections over time - this trending card displays the number of web threats detected by type during the selected time period (Last 30 days, Last 3 months, Last 6 months)

    The card showing web threats protection detections over time

  • Web threat protection summary - this card displays the total web threat detections in the past 30 days, showing distribution across the different types of web threats. Selecting a slice opens the list of the domains that were found with malicious or unwanted websites.

    The card showing web threats protection summary


It can take up to 12 hours before a block is reflected in the cards or the domain list.

Types of web threats

Web protection categorizes malicious and unwanted websites as:

  • Phishing - websites that contain spoofed web forms and other phishing mechanisms designed to trick users into divulging credentials and other sensitive information
  • Malicious - websites that host malware and exploit code
  • Custom indicator - websites whose URLs or domains you've added to your custom indicator list for blocking

View the domain list

Select a specific web threat category in the Web threat protection summary card to open the Domains page. This page displays the list of the domains under that threat category. The page provides the following information for each domain:

  • Access count - number of requests for URLs in the domain
  • Blocks - number of times requests were blocked
  • Access trend - change in number of access attempts
  • Threat category - type of web threat
  • Devices - number of devices with access attempts

Select a domain to view the list of devices that have attempted to access URLs in that domain and the list of URLs.


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