Work with query results in guided mode


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Applies to:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender


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In hunting using guided mode, the results of the query appear in the Results tab.

Screenshot of results tab

You can work on the results further by exporting them to a CSV file by selecting Export. This downloads the CSV file for your use.

You can view other information in the Results view:

  • Number of records in the results list (beside the Search button)
  • Duration of the query run time
  • Resource usage of the query

View more columns

A few standard columns are included in the results for easy viewing.

To view more columns:

  1. Select Customize columns in the upper right-hand portion of the results view.

  2. From here, select the columns to include in the results view and deselect columns to hide.

    Screenshot of list of columns you can add to the results view

  3. Select Apply to view results with the added columns. Use the scroll bars if necessary.

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