Train your security staff for Microsoft 365 Defender


Want to experience Microsoft 365 Defender? Learn more about how you can evaluate and pilot Microsoft 365 Defender.

Applies to:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender

With the urgency of protecting your organization and its data from attackers, you need to quickly onboard your security staff to Microsoft 365 Defender. Microsoft provides multiple types of learning and self-study resources for Microsoft 365 Defender and associated services.

Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja training

Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja training is a set of organized sections and modules to step you through the features and functions of Microsoft 365 Defender. The training goes across the threat signal sources—such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and others—but does not cover the individual sources themselves.

The content is structured into three different knowledge levels, with multiple modules: Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Expert. Each level includes a knowledge check to test your understanding of the material.

Learning paths

Use these learning paths and their modules to build an understanding of Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, one module and unit at a time.

Learning paths in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal learning hub

The Microsoft 365 Defender portal learning hub includes these learning paths:

  • Getting started with the Microsoft 365 security center
  • How to Investigate Using Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Microsoft 365 Defender Basic Training
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Basic Training
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Best Practices
  • Setup

Hands-on with a trial environment

One of the best ways to learn is by configuring and testing Microsoft 365 Defender and its associated services in a trial environment. See Evaluate and pilot Microsoft 365 Defender for the details.

Simulating an attack

To test your security staff on their ability to detect and respond to a cyberattack, use a simulated attack. See Simulate attacks with the Microsoft 365 Defender portal for more information.


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