Track your Microsoft Secure Score history and meet goals


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Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organization's security posture, with a higher number indicating more recommended actions taken. It can be found at in the Microsoft Defender portal.

Gain insights into activity that has affected your score

View a graph of your organization's score over time in the History tab.

Below the graph is a list of all the actions taken in the selected time range and their attributes, such as resulting points and category. You can customize a date range and filter by category.

An example of the page that describes the activity history in the Microsoft Defender portal

If you select the recommended action associated with an activity, the full recommended action flyout will appear.

To view all history for that specific recommended action, select the history link in the flyout.

The History pane regarding recommended action in the Microsoft Defender portal

In the Metrics & trends tab, there are several graphs and charts to give you more visibility into trends and set goals. You can set the date range for the whole page of visualizations. The visualizations include:

  • Your Secure Score zone - Customized based on your organization's goals and definitions of good, okay, and bad score ranges.
  • Regression trend - A timeline of points that have regressed because of configuration, user, or device changes.
  • Comparison trend - How your organization's Secure Score compares to others' over time. This view can include lines representing the score average of organizations with similar seat count and a custom comparison view that you can set.
  • Risk acceptance trend - Timeline of recommended actions marked as "risk accepted."
  • Score changes - The number of points achieved, points regressed, and changes to your score in the specified date range.

Compare your score to organizations like yours

There are two places to see how your score compares to organizations that are similar to yours.

Comparison bar chart

The comparison bar chart is available on the Overview tab. Hover over the chart to view the score and score opportunity.

An example of the bar graph of similar organization's scores in the Microsoft Defender portal

The comparison data is anonymized so we don't know exactly which others tenants are in the mix.

Bar graph of similar organization's scores.

Comparison trend

In the Metrics & trends tab, view how your organization's Secure Score compares to others' over time.

An example of a line graph of similar organization's scores over time in the Microsoft Defender portal

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