Troubleshoot Microsoft Defender XDR service issues


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Applies to:

  • Microsoft Defender XDR

This section addresses issues that might arise as you use the Microsoft Defender XDR service.

I don't see Microsoft Defender XDR content

If you don't see capabilities on the navigation pane such as the Incidents, Action center, or Hunting in your portal, you'll need to verify that your tenant has the appropriate licenses.

For more information, see Prerequisites.

Microsoft Defender for Identity alerts are not showing up in the Microsoft Defender XDR incidents

If you have Microsoft Defender for Identity deployed in your environment but you're not seeing Defender for Identity alerts as part of Microsoft Defender XDR incidents, you'll need to ensure that the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Defender for Identity integration is enabled.

For more information, see Microsoft Defender for Identity integration.

Where is the settings page for turning on the service?

To turn on Microsoft Defender XDR, access Settings from the navigation pane in the Microsoft Defender portal. This navigation item is visible only if you have the prerequisite permissions and licenses.

How do I create an exception for my file/URL?

A false positive is a file or URL that is detected as malicious but is not a threat. You can create indicators and define exclusions to unblock and allow certain files/URLs. See Address false positives/negatives in Defender for Endpoint.


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